How to Make Women Laugh and Feel Attracted to You

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International dating romance marriage SIMPLE, but very effective technique that guys use to create attraction with the women you meet. Filipina women seeking men for romance and marriage.

How to Make Women Laugh and Feel Attracted to You

Author: Steve Scott
Today I want to quickly cover a SIMPLE, but very effective technique that guys use to create attraction with the women you meet:


Whenever they do one of those polls asking what women want in a man, humor ALWAYS comes up in the top 3.

And if you looked carefully at any 'attract and seduce' course, you'll find that most of the information covers laughter and how it builds attraction.

Whether it's called cocky-funny, teasing, negging or sarcasm, HUMOR is critical to your success with women.

But many guys get it completely wrong when they try to be funny around women.

In order to get them laughing and attracted at the same time, you have to understand the principles. That's why it's important to follow these 4 RULES of humor:

=====> RULE #1: Don't be a Clown <=====

Being funny NEVER means acting like a clown.

Acting this way will make you seem like you're doing a "Try Hard". This is when a guy is obviously trying to make a woman laugh.

This will lowers your social status and makes you seem like you're desperately seeking her approval. Furthermore, when you do slap-stickey humor, women will be laughing.

But it'll be AT you, not WITH you.

Sure, comedians can get women laughing, but they almost never get laid!

=====> RULE #2: Tease Her <=====

5th Graders can be pretty smart sometimes. At this age, if a boy likes a girl, he'll pull her hair and call her names.

Now I don't recommend pulling her hair (for now), but TEASING women is probably the best way to use humor. This doesn't mean being a jerk. Instead it's about treating her in a way that shows you're NOT afraid to be yourself and tease her.

You can tease her by:

Giving her a nickname
Mocking her voice
Playfully messing with the things she's saying

Teasing a woman is a great way to assume familiarity. If you just met her, and you're ALREADY teasing her, this can help you quickly break down that uncomfortable period where you're getting to know one another.

=====> RULE #3: Use Your Body Language <=====

Look at the great comedians and you'll see a common pattern...They all know how to use their entire body to tell a joke. They'll make facial expressions, use props, gesture with their hands and use EVERYTHING they've got to make people laugh.

Again, you don't want to be a clown around women. But remember your BODY LANGUAGE can add congruence to the things you're saying. So as you're teasing her, you want to establish physical contact in a way that's showing that you're a guy who is not afraid to play around with her.

This can include:

Playfully swatting her
Pushing her away, then pulling her back into a hug
Doing games like 'thumb war', and 'hand slapping'

The point here is to use your humor to break the touch barrier while making her laugh at the same time!

=====> RULE #4: Do Other Things <=====

Humor should be a spice that flavors a conversation. It shouldn't be the main course.

When you're ONLY teasing and making women laugh, you're NOT showing the other parts of your personality. That's why it's important to do other things that'll help you build and maintain attraction.

So while you're making her laugh, you also want to:

Establish physiontact
Build deep rappr /> Tell stories
Doing all of these things will help you seem more well-rounded and interesting!

When it comes to creating attraction, humor can be your MOST effective tool when you're talking to a woman. So make sure you're getting it right! By following these 4 rules, you'll create that fun, flirty vibe that's always helps you get the girl.

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